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We custom design and manufacture vacuum coolers depending on our customers needs.  We can build to suit for your different size, dimensions, features and application needs to keep your growing and demanding business running efficiently. 


A few of the different features we can offer are:

  • Portability.  The unit can be built on a trailer to be moved from location to location.

  • The equipment can be powered with electricity, hydraulics or a diesel engine.

  • The door can open overhead, slide sideways or hinge to the side.

  • A door on both ends to allow for one way movement of your product.

  • A conveyor system to minimize loading and unloading time.

  • A hydro-vac system to wet your produce during the cooling cycle.

  • The equipment can be located next to the vacuum chamber or in an equipment room.


The unit is pre wired and tested, ready for operation upon supply of fused power.  Operational training and all instruction will be done at time of set-up.
After the sale we offer a preventative maintenance service plan.  This plan is structured to minimize down time and maintain efficiency.


Southern Vacuum Cooling
2253 Hollingshed Rd
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