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Vacuum Pumps and Refrigeration Compressors


Kinney Vacuum Pump with Electric Motor

Model#:   KT500A

Part#:    803284-D

Serial#:  472-W D224-2

Reliance 30HP electric motor

Part#     P28612A LT

Vacuum pump has been running well.


Vilter Freon Refrigeration Compressor with Motor

Size:     MK323

Order#:   H28551

Serial#:  5949

General Electric 30HP motor

Model#:   5K4326A2

Serial#:  XN 54386

Comes with discharge line check valve, oil separator
and two dryers.  Great condition, been in storage for five years.


SIHI Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump 750 with Electric Motor

Model#:   LPHA 75330 BN041020

Serial#:  3399023

Baldour 60HP Electric Motor

Cat#:     M4314T-8

Spec#     14C51W250

In storage for one year, was working well.



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